The Beauty of Outdoor Yoga

Hello my loves!

It’s been a long time with no blog post from me and sadly I have no reasonable excuse for it! Its now summer here in the UK, which means that when its not raining or windy or cold this yellow thing actually appears in the sky and we all strip off and head outdoors. I consider myself a massive outdoorsy person, I love going for walks to clear my head and connect to the world around me (I was about to say I love being outside but I just had to stop writing to remove a huge bumble bee from my leg, it was happily crawling around looking for pollen – both bee and leg are fine!).


But one thing I love most about this time of year is being able to take my yoga practice outside, I completely remove myself from the distractions of modern life like technology and social media and have a strong, grounding practice in which I connect fully and completely to the world. Because when I do yoga outside, I’m not confined to a small space with four walls, I feel free, like I can stretch and expand and grow, I feel like I can fly, like there is a big wide world out there and a huge expanse of possibility out there.

Outdoor yoga grounds me, it takes me right into my physical being and my place in the universe and gives me a better perspective on my life, reminding me that the teeny tiny problems in my life are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. And I feel at peace with my life and the world around me, I can truly escape the hustle bustle of every day life, I can remove screens, leave my day-to-day inside and find a way to escape by stripping life back to its simple form, away from crowds, noise, materialism and Facebook and back to nature, absorbing the beauty of the natural world, the scent of the grass, the sound of the birds tweeting, the feel of the gentle breeze and the heat of the sun simultaneously on my skin, releasing happiness hormones. And life suddenly feels good again.

Why be cooped up inside doing yoga on such a beautiful day? don your cropped leggings or shorts, grab your mat or simply practice on the grass for a deeper connection and grounding to the earth and go zen out. You’ll thank me for it (unless you find a bee crawling up your leg).

Thank you so much for reading,

Peace and love xo

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